Black Robin Games

Small team, Awesome Games

The New Zealand Black Robin

The Black Robin is a rare small robin that is unsurprisingly, completly black. It is found in the remote Chatham Islands of New Zealand. Once the rarest bird in the world, down to a single female, has now somewhat recovered due to conservation efforts. Because this female had a blue tag on the leg, she was affectionately named Blue.

Greg Ewing:The Programmer

Greg has been programming since he was a wee lad. His father wouldn’t get games for the 8bit micro we had in the house. It was a Sord M23 with a whopping 128k of ram via bank switching. Well, he decided to programme his own games. That was over 20 years ago, and after several different “previous life” career changes, he has finally decided to give games a proper crack and cofounded Black Robin Games.

Luke Ewing:Art Department

Also Sketching and drawing since he was a wee lad and an avid player of games for even longer. Whether it is map creating for different game online comunities, or just for the lols, Luke loves being involved in games at a deeper level than just playing them. Bringing game concepts to life from inception to the final polished end product is a natrual next step. Hence, cofounding Black Robin games is a natural fit.